Example predictions from the Fake Criswell are plentiful! Here are a sample of recent example predictions.

"I predict new technology will be developed to quickly melt snow where it lies, rather than shoveling it away" -- January 12, 2011

"I predict we will soon see cars from Detroit that can be used on railroad tracks as well as roads" -- December 22, 2010

"I predict a lowering of moral values next year will result in the very first PG film being released with graphic sex scene" -- December 16, 2010

"I predict that we will soon see the rise of the television tombstone, which can display a film of your final message to mankind" -- November 29, 2010

"I predict in 25 years heart disease will be curtailed by a medically enhanced potato chip" -- Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"I regret to predict that your children will grow up more attached to the TV set than their own parents!" -- September 30, 2010

"I predict the pineapple will soon replace the apple as this nation's favorite fruit" -- date unknown

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. The Fake Criswell predicts, and he predicts big!

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