Fake Criswell Predicts!

Yes, the Fake Criswell may be fake, but his predictions are REAL!

The first issue of the zine FAKE CRISWELL PREDICTS! was produced a mere two years ago, and has already sold out! Those of you who missed out on purchasing this publication, enjoy the old description and photo of the publication on this very page!

Among the topics that were covered in this publication:

The future of cinema -- When will the first robotic actor appear in a film?

Cemeteries -- When will mankind be forced to build multi-story burial plots?

Counterfeit money -- When will the government finally give up and print no more currency?

Hot dogs -- What condiments will you be able to choose from in the future?

We currently have a complete archive of The Fake Criswell's predictions, and may possibly be putting together a second publication this summer. Stay tuned for future developments, my friends!

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